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19 September 2007 @ 12:25 am

yea totally just gave up on the Eng Lit theory analysis essay
I'm usually really good at bs-ing my way through
but I am doing the Destructors (the same one we did in Grade 10 but extended version)
and trying to apply the feminist theory
but it's really not working very well
and I could apply some other theory
like the post colonialism one
but the previous group already did it
so I can't
and then the other theories just doesn't work at all for the story
or the ones that do work...I don't get =O=

so yea I'm ripping videos off youtube
and putting it onto iPod Louie III

rawr I'm still waiting for the full Kampai Je T'aime PV
to be put onto youtube
so cocoa_latte, hlpurple and I can continue learning the dance

lalala so bored

I feel so sick right now
omgg taking forever to get better
I really don't think the medicine I'm taking is working x3

I should go to sleep

Nottawasaga tomorrow!!!
Back Thursday afternoon ish
Then going to Queens on Friday


and yes I am feeling much better
now that my brother has shut up and went to sleep xD
he's still all pissy about it
but really...he has no right to be mad about it,
I'm the one that should be throwing a hissy fit
but I'm not...well I'm just ranting about it xD