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09 February 2010 @ 08:02 pm
SALE - Handmade Arashi Keychains!  
 or more like Sell??? hahhaha *bricked*

I am really in desperate need of some money right now so I decided I should sell these keychains to help earn some money!

All keychains are handmade (by me)
and everything is hand stitched too
they're made with felt and stuffed with 100% cotton!
the keychain part is a metal clasp, they're really durable and shouldn't break unless you go out of your way to purposely break it LOL


If you haven't already noticed, the Kanji is stitched in the colour of your ichiban :)
They're a little less than 5cm in diameter

Now let's talk money haha xP
All prices are in US dollars and INCLUDE shipping and handling
To Canada: $5
To USA: $6
Anywhere outside Canada or USA: $7

Payments through paypal only!
*please remember to do personal payment and to pay the fees please and thank you*

To place an order please comment here and include:
+ Name
+ e-mail
+ address
+ I <3 ________ (insert name here)
+ Colour of the Kanji 

All comments are screened!

I am also willing to use a different colour background if you'd prefer but otherwise it'll be sparkly white! :)
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[hikari]: friends! <3x_hikari on March 13th, 2010 05:26 am (UTC)
Re: Dude
Ima talk to you on msn instead, so much easier
and seriously, I can just hand deliver to you, we live like what 5 min drive away from each other? LOL

<3 <3 <3